When I was pregnant with my daughter, my first pregnancy, I remember waiting anxiously for her arrival. Her due date was approaching and my husband and I were lounging on the porch of our rental house at the time, sleepy from a bite too much, watching the sun flicker through the tall grass in a neighboring field. As the glow of golden hour fell, I rolled myself up and said, "Grab my camera, we have to use this light." He knew better than to protest anything I said involving a camera and dutifully retrieved my Canon, waiting on the porch as I threw on a gauzy white dress and squeezed foot and ankle into my cowboy boots. We tromped through the grass, I found the spot I wanted and said "Now shoot." I still have that picture of me and my girl, just days before she was born, the light filtering through the top layer of the dress to reveal my 9 month belly. I forgot to take my sunglasses off the top of my head, and my hair wasn't perfectly done, but the look in my eyes as I took in what we were growing makes those small imperfections fade. I have never once regretted jumping up and taking the picture.

Mamas, you may feel a touch too round. It may be work to get on a pair of shoes. And dressing your oldest might be the biggest feat you can imagine undertaking in these last months. But hear me.


And your oldest will never look that young again. Trust me on that.