Everyone is here for the "money shot" -- the one where everyone has eyes on the camera and looks happy. I love delivering those smiling family photos to you! If you're looking for that one snap, I will work to get that for you. But if you have a little more time, the pictures that I am betting you'll cherish the most are the ones where your daughter's freckled nose is a little too wrinkled because at 7 years old, she just smiles a bit too hard still; or the one where your 11 year old just told a joke and made his sister burst out laughing, or your 2 year old couldn't smile one second longer and went all in on having her tongue out; and especially that one where everyone decided to pile on mom to bring down the perfect family set up. We can get the card cover, but what we don't want to miss are the moments that make your family dynamic exactly what it is that year, at those ages, during those stages -- yep, even the hard ones. Because before you know it, you'll be scheduling next year's photo session and those little things will have changed.

So yeah, make them smile for the camera, and then let them be them.

I'll do the rest.