Hi, I'm Mamie.

If we might be spending time capturing your important moments, you might like to know a little about me, my important moments and how I captured them. I got married to my other half in 2010 and our wedding was photographed by someone I admire and aspire to be even a little like, Travis Bell. Travis is one of the greatest journalist photographers I've seen and he has greatly encouraged me to pick up a camera and start clicking. I have two quirky, fun and full-of-personality children. My daughter was born in 2014 and my son in 2019, and I have never made a better decision than to have a birth photographer present for both. Kim Holderfield did an amazing job combining her photography experience with her training as a midwife to capture the tiny details and the big moments as we brought our babies into this world.

For most of our other day to day moments, I'm the one behind the lens, which is truly how I got started photographing families. I started with my own and they're so used to having a camera lens in their faces that they don't even comment on it anymore. I can't wait to capture the faces, glances, tiny hands and feet, and the big love of your families!