© 2019 by Mohammed almusabi

Nujd village 

The painful reality that the people of Nujd village live in made me want to stop and take a moment to make this file

We were heading for the white sand in the village capturing the beauty of the landscape in the afternoon

We agreed to come the next day when the sun was low so it gives the place a beautiful lighting and contrast

but it is worth noting when I saw the men with their distinctive clothes riding their camels on the sand i was captivated and couldn’t decide whether to take a photo of the beautiful landscape or of the men with their majestic  camels with my zoom lens

I always try to tell a story with my picture because as it is said a picture is worth a thousand word and i always make sure that my photos are consistent like I’m showing snapshots of somebody’s life.

Socotra Island

Land of wonders as they said and the reason of the name is due to the strange nature of this island its beaches, mountains, caves, white deserts, and even the strange and wonderful trees of it and the famous tree is the blood dragon or the blood of brothers tree, yes that’s socotra island inevitably it is an island of wonders